The EIRIS Foundation

The EIRIS Foundation is a leading UK charity working in the area of responsible investment.

The Foundation has over 30 years experience of providing free, objective and trusted information on ethical finance to members of the public. A not-for-profit organisation, its mission is to empower investors with independent assessments of companies and advice on integrating them with investment decisions.

The Foundation is now a 19% shareholder in Vigeo Eiris which bring together the former operations of Vigeo and EIRIS (the Foundation’s former subsidiary) and which researches the environmental, social, governance and other ethical aspects of nearly 4,000 companies globally already with further expansion planned as a result of the merger.

Areas of interest

The Foundation is currently reviewing its strategy following the merger of EIRIS and Vigeo and will be deciding which previous work to take forwards and which new work to engage upon in the course of that review. Past activities have included:

  • Increasing the numbers of charities investing ethically
  • Creating a new one-stop shop website on ethical money to promote responsible investment and encourage more consumers to choose ethical options as part of their financial planning
  • Working with charities and NGOs to explore how best they can influence the direction of responsible investment
  • Undertaking new research that is not yet commercially viable
  • Making responsible investment more widely practiced and/or more effective
  • Disseminating existing and new responsible investment research to a wider audience


The EIRIS Foundation will be looking for new ways to lead the way in the development of responsible investment and corporate responsibility. New projects may require additional funding and provide funders with an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of ethical and responsible investment and to increase the range of positive impacts such activity can bring. Contact us at for further details.



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