EIRIS receives numerous requests from students to provide them with company data, ethical fund research or participate in surveys. Unfortunately, we have limited resources and are unable to respond to questions and requests for information from students.

However, EIRIS does work with a small number of specialist academics on research projects where the following criteria are met:

  • There is a clear purpose to the research
  • It is likely that the research will increase knowledge and understanding of an aspect of responsible investment
  • EIRIS is provided with a draft of any work to be published in any form which contains reference to EIRIS or EIRIS’ work for approval
  • EIRIS is given a copy of the final research output
  • EIRIS has the necessary time and resources available to provide the data

If you would like to request research data or other assistance from EIRIS please send an email outlining details of your research to . We will get back to you if we find potential for joint working.


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